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Are you ready to share your course content with the world…

… but you're struggling to present it in a functional, beautiful and professional way?

I get it…


There’s a LOT of pieces that are involved in building a platform to deliver your course content on (especially a course site that is both beautiful and functional for your clients).

I mean, let’s just go through the steps together so you have an idea…

1.  First you have to decide the best platform for your particular type of course, which, to be honest, can be totally overwhelming when you start to realize how many different platforms there actually are to choose from.  {“How do I know which one’s best for me?”}


2.  Then you have to map out your course delivery strategy… Drip delivery or full access delivery? {“Which one do I do when my clients are on a payment plan?!  What is drip, anyway? Which one is better for my students?"}   

3.  And then it’s time to figure out all the techie pieces of actually setting up the site itself – everything from how to set up hosting, create the course module pages and integrate it with your mailing list so only your customers can access it. {“Do I set this up as a pge on my website, or it’s own site… or ???”}

4.  And on top of all of this, there’s the added pressure of making sure there aren’t any tech glitches – both while you’re building the site AND for your clients when they login.

It can all be pretty overwhelming (not to mention frustrating) right?

And if you want my two need to be focused on bringing more students INTO this course, not spending your time setting it up.

If you’re like a lot of online entrepreneurs trying to navigate through the tech of their business, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stuck, which leads to you doing a whole lotta nothin’ to get your course out there in the world.


No worries though…


It is possible to get your amazing work out into the world on a course delivery site that is beautiful and professional without having to deal with all the tech headaches!

How can you do this?

By letting me handle the techy tasks of setting up your course site while you focus on doing the fun {money-making} work you really love to do!

For the past 3 years, I’ve been creating and managing course delivery platforms for my clients using everything from Zippy sites to Pilotpress, AccessAlly, ProgressAlly, and Wishlist.  My clients have had successful 6 and 7 figure launches where the end results were their clients getting immediate access to beautiful and functional course sites, and I love handling the tech set up and maintenance for them.

If you’re an online entrepreneur who wants to put your offerings onto a course site for delivery, I’ve love to support you, too!


Because here’s what can happen when you have a course delivery site you love…

  • You can confidently put your work out into the world, proud of how it’s being delivered {and looking like an authority in your industry with your professionally built course site}

  • You find yourself serving your clients to a higher standard by giving them access to their materials easily and efficiently

  • You confidently launch new programs knowing you have a gorgeous site waiting for them on the other side of the “buy now” button

  • You spend more time focusing on the money-making aspects of your business and less time dealing with the tech headaches that come with DIYing.


So, instead of trying to piece together a so-so course site that you aren’t totally thrilled with…

Let me build a gorgeous customized course delivery platform for you... one that you and your clients are going to LOVE!


Below are the details…

{VIP} Course Delivery Site Package

Here’s what’s included when you sign up for a VIP Course Delivery Site Package:

==> VIP Intake Session  

We’ll plan out your course delivery site strategy and discuss the pieces needed to make it beautiful, branded and functional for your course participants!


==> Customized Wordpress membership site (with

mobile friendly design)

I’ll advise you on if a Zippy course, PilotPress, AccessAlly or Wishlist membership course site is best for your business… and what type of access would be ideal given your specific materials.

==> Pages Included

As part of your custom build, I’ll create the following pages for you:

* Custom Login page

* Custom Logout page

* Custom Dashboard/Course Directory Page

* 15 Course Modules (including all sub-lessons or units)

(*Additional modules/course set up available for an additional fee)

==> Membership Site Template Customization

I’ll use your brand colors and fonts to make sure your membership matches your overall brand.  Have certain images you want included? I can do that, too!

==> Full integration with Ontraport

Do you use Ontraport or a similar email automation platform? I can integrate it with your membership site you can set your course delivery on automatic.


==> Up to 3 revisions of your gorgeous new course site

I want you to have a site you absolutely love… So once you’ve reviewed it, I’ll make any updates/changes you’d like to see.

==> Follow-up call (recorded) to show you how to manage your beautiful new site.

Within 2 weeks of your site being delivered, I’ll give you access to a video showing you how to maintain your course site.  You can also use this video to train your Virtual Assistant or other team members.

So, are you ready to have your own course delivery site so you can WOW your clients and deliver your courses and trainings within a seamlessly beautiful platform?!  Awesome…


Click here to schedule a quick 15-minute call where we can see if were a fit to work on your project together.  I can't wait to hear from you!

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