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My Favorite Business Tools
Below are a list of my favorite tools that I use both in my own Virtual Assistance business and when supporting my clients.  (Please note: some of these are affiliate links - but I promise I only recommend tools I have personally used and loved!)
I highly recommend Active Campaign for your email marketing if you are just starting out or have a smaller list.  It makes automating your email marketing super easy and has many advanced features that some of the bigger email marketing platforms have, without the pricey cost.  It is also more advanced than both Mailchimp and Constant Contact and similar in cost, so that is why I recommend it over those options.
​If you have a profitable business and large list and are looking for an email marketing automation platform that also has an ecommerce option, I highly recommend Ontraport.  I am probably biased because I went through their certification program in 2016, and work in it daily with my clients, but it is an amazing platform for those who want to systematize and scale their online business. ​
Canva makes creating beautiful graphics and designs, such as PDFs and social media images, super easy.  I love that they have stock photos you can use for free or for super cheap.  And I love, love, love the many templates they offer!
​If you are wanting a place to house all of your content (both free and paid!), you need to sign up for MemberVault. They are the #1 content platform/course platform I recommend and I use this with several clients as well as for my own products. They have so many great features for being able to see who is engaging with your content [hot leads and warm leads] and their Binge and Buy marketplace makes it super easy for you to sell more of your content to the right people. They also integrate nicely with several email marketing softwares, including ActiveCampaign and Ontraport.
Creative Market
I am obsessed with Creative Market!  They are my favorite resource to go to or to send clients too when we need social media templates, ebook templates, fonts or design elements.  They also give away 6 free downloads each Monday, so be sure to sign up for their mailing list.
The Content Planner
If social media overwhelms you and managing your newsletter content gets to be a bit unorganized, I highly recommend buying yourself The Content Planner. It's my favorite non-digital purchase I've made in my business recently and helps me keep my content super organized. I love that it also helps me track my own social media stats and gives me a clear overview of the content I have going out each month.
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