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My 7 Favorite Facebook Groups (And Why Other Virtual Assistants should join them, too!)

Let’s talk Facebook groups today!

As a Virtual Assistant, I loveeeee Facebook groups!


Because networking and connecting with potential clients has always been so easy inside Facebook groups!

But in addition to networking, Facebook groups are also a great resource for:

  • Keeping up to date with trends in the online space

  • Networking with colleagues who can serve as referral sources

  • Tech support and learning deeper about specific software's I work with

So to help my fellow VAs who need help finding amazing Facebook groups that will benefit their businesses in many ways, today I want to share my 7 favorite Facebook groups that I participant in and why I think other Virtual Assistants should join them! I hope you will find this list helpful!

My 7 Favorite Facebook Groups for Virtual Assistants

Cocktails & Contracts

This is a facebook group run by Sarah Kornblet over at Destination Legal. Sarah’s group is a great resource as a VA because she shares legal education that we and our clients could benefit from. She regularly posts content on everything from trademarks to client contracts to terms of service. Here’s the link to her group:

The Screw the Nine to Five Community

I’m new-ish to this community {just joined in April 2018}, but I already love the vibe in here! First off, it’s a no-promo group, so you won’t be able to share directly about your VA business in there. But what I am loving about their group is that there are so many business owners in there giving such great advice when people ask questions. The questions are technical sometimes ("What wordpress plugin are you using?" for example and sometimes they are strategic “How can I best market my upcoming workshop?”) By answering questions, I’m getting to showcase my knowledge as a VA and could maybe the catch the eye of someone looking for a VA. But what I’m really digging about this community is that there is soooo much to learn from reading the posts. Here’s the link to Jill and Josh’s facebook group:


MemberVault is my favorite content platform {free trial here through my affiliate link!}. What I love about their Facebook group is that the creators of MemberVault are HIGHLY engaged there. And if you have *any* questions about the platform or the best ways to use it for your business, they are usually the first to answer you with a solution or alternative. I cannot recommend MemberVault highly enough, and their facebook group just makes me love the platform even more! Here’s the link to join MemberVault: -

Ontraport User Community

I use Ontraport daily with my clients and even did their certification course back in 2016. What I love about their Facebook community is that if I have technical questions or want to know how others are using Ontraport for specific uses, I can go to the group and makes posts. If you’re not using Ontraport with clients, you might not find it that interesting, but I invite you to think of what softwares you are using and you can search out if they have Facebook groups {such as Active Campaign, InfusionSoft, ConvertKit, etc!). Here’s Ontraport’s Facebook group if you want to check it out:

Goal Digger Podcast Insiders

The Goal Digger Podcast is one of my favorite podcasts and I absolutely love Jenna Kutcher’s Facebook group. If you’re a VA, I highly recommend joining because I see weekly people asking for recommendations to VAs. If creatives are your niche, you will really like this facebook group! Here’s the link to join:

The Planathon with Amber McCue

This past year I have been in Amber McCue’s Freshly Implemented program {visit my affiliate link here for details on the program:} I first got introduced to this cool program through her Planathon and she’s getting ready to launch her 2018 Planathon. When you join here through my affiliate link here {}, you’ll have the chance to learn from more than 15 experts from finance, marketing, sales, time management! When you join, you’ll also be invited into her Facebook group here:

**NEW TO THE LIST** Profit Planning Entrepreneurs

Haley Burkhead’s Profit Planner Entrepreneurs group is her free community for entrepreneurs to connect, learn and share with one another. {I'm a paid member of her Profit Planner Lounge community and so much good info happens there, too!}. I love, love, love the amazing people in Haley’s community and am learning a lot just from lurking and reading inside the group full of mostly women entrepreneurs who are committed to success and making things happen in an actionable and profitable way. I also love how super real Haley keeps it by sharing behind-the-scenes looks into her own entrepreneurial journey. Here's the link to join:


PS: One more thing before I go... If you want more info on changes I made in my own VA business that have helped me to have a high level VA business, join me for The Empowered VA Series, my 7 day email series to help you improve your current VA business so that you really can have a VA business you love and one that earns you great money! Click here to sign up.

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