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3 Business Things I’m Currently Obsessed With {July 2018 Edition}

I love sharing my favorite resources with my business friends, and today’s blog post is one any online business owner - regardless of your industry - will want to read, because I’m sharing 3 things that I am legit obsessed with these days in my own business.

Ready to find out what they are and why I’m obssesed?

Here we go…

3 Business Things I’m Currently Obsessed With

Obsession #1: MemberVault

I’ve not been shy about my love for MemberVault over the past few months so this may not be a surprise that I’m obsessed with it. In fact, I’ve devoted the entire month of July to really rockin’ out my own MV account. I'm putting in my free resources for #VirtualAssistants PLUS free resources for other business owners, too.

You can check it out so far here:

And if you need a content platform for your own business, you can check our MemberVault here {this is my affiliate link!}:

Obsession #2: Creative Market

If you haven’t heard about Creative Market, you definitely want to check it out here.

They have the prettiest fonts, graphics, images, templates, etc on there. And they are really affordable. And really high quality. I’ve purchased several things from them over the past months as I worked on my sales page for my VA product.

They also have weekly free downloads they send out on Monday, and I usually download something from them each week to use either for my own business or for my clients.

Here's my affiliate link if you want to check them out:

Obsession #3: Profit Planner Lounge

I’ve been in the Profit Planner Lounge for just a few weeks now, and I am SO IMPRESSED by the entire group. It’s an online community for entrepreneurs where we strategically plan so that we can make profit, productively. It includes TONS of great content as part of the membership group and the leader Haley is so smart and genuinely wants to help her community thrive. It’s one of my favorite communities to be a part of and I’m excited about the retreat they are having in the fall.

Come join us inside the Profit Planner Lounge here:

As always, I’d love to hear from you… What are you obsessed with? Share with me in a comment here:

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