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The Top 3 Learning Investments I've Made as a Virtual Assistant!

You know what saying I hate as a business owner?

It takes money to make money.

Ugh... :/

I hate it because it’s true… and if I’m being honest, I don’t want to spend money in my business, I want to keep my money for myself and spend it only on vacations and delicious food. (#sorrynotsorry)

But truthfully, investing in our businesses, especially as VA’s, is really important.

Especially when it comes to making investments into programs and courses that are going to teach us new skills or improve our existing ones, or making investments into programs that are going to improve our business foundations and offerings.

So today I’m sharing my 3 favorite investments in my Virtual Assistance business over the past 10 years as a way to inspire you to think of ways you can improve your own Virtual Assistance business!

The Top 3 Learning Investments I've Made as a Virtual Assistant!

1. I invested in AssistU!

In 2007, I enrolled at AssistU, the premier training program for Virtual Assistants and graduated as an AssistU trained VA in 2008. What I loved about this 20-week program was that they taught me everything I needed to know about setting up my VA business and have continued to be a source of information on how to have amazing standards and boundaries in my business. An incredible bonus is that once you graduate from their training program you have the option of joining their community. For the past 10 years, I have been a member of their community which has been an AMAZING investment of my time and money. Their community support is incredible and I have made some amazing friendships over the years here.

If you’re reading this, and you are thinking about starting a VA business, I cannot recommend AssistU highly enough! Their website is here:

2. I invested in Ontraport certification (with help from a client)!

For the last four or five years I have been supporting my clients with a software called Ontraport. And in 2016, I went through a week long class to become an Ontraport Certified Consultant… One of my clients was sweet enough to pay for me to be certified so it didn’t cost me anything for the course, but it had to be done in person so I had to invest my own money into the certification by buying the plane ticket and paying for my hotel and travel expenses to become certified. So I saved up my money and went to Ontraport's campus out in California, and became certified in their software. It has been worth every penny because I continue to use Ontraport with my clients and can charge a higher rate to clients because it’s a really sought after skills.

There’s so many other things out there as a VA that you can get certified in… You can get certified in ActiveCampaign. You can get social media manager certification. You can get bookkeeping certification. There's all sorts of ways to up level your skill set and getting certified in a certain skill is really a great way to uplevel!

3. I’ve invested in amazing courses!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve signed up for lots of tech and training courses online. Anytime I am thinking about taking a new course, I ask myself: Will this make me a better business owner? Will it help me serve my current or future clients better? If the answer is yes to either one of those, then I typically invest in the course!

Some of my favorite courses through the years have been:

(Side note: some of the above links are affiliate links so if you sign up I might receive a small commission.)

I hope that by sharing my favorite investments, that I’ve inspired you to want to uplevel your own VA business by investing in your business, too.

And if this blog has you wondering what skills you should consider upleveling in your own business, I want you to think about the work you are currently doing that you love. For example, if you love email marketing, where can you up level in that area? If you love social media, where can you up level in that area? If you love launch management for clients, where can you up level in that area? What are courses you can take to improve your skills or business foundations?

Now, you might be thinking, Oh my goodness, it's going to cost money to do this. Yes, it probably will cost you money to up level your skills in some area or to invest in coaching or programs, but there's also less expensive options, like, or, where you can still up level your skills without necessarily breaking your wallet.

Today I’ve shared about spending money in your business, and in my next blog, I’m going to be talking about making more money in your business and sharing some of my personal story around making more money as a Virtual Assistant… Stay tuned!


PS: One more thing before I go... If you want more info on changes I made in my own VA business that have helped me to have a high level VA business, join me for The Empowered VA Series, my 7 day email series to help you improve your current VA business so that you really can have a VA business you love and one that earns you great money! Click here to sign up.

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