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My 3 Favorite Online Communities for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Create a Successful + Profitable Onli

As a Virtual Assistant, I am focused on growing my business and have set some pretty big goals for myself for the next 12+ months {more on that in a later post!}.

One thing I have done this year to help me reach these goals is to join a few online communities that can give me the support I need.

And because I love these communities so much, I want to share with you my 3 favorites that I am a part of and have benefited from in case they offer the type of support you could use to reach your own business goals, too!

My 3 Favorite Online Communities for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Create a Successful + Profitable Online Business!

Confession: I love everything Vanessa Ryan offers on her website and love, love, love her new Opt In to Profit membership. Her templates are the prettiest and are what I used to create The Profitable VA Workbook {my money workbook for Virtual Assistants}. Vanessa is the go-to-expert on all things opt in related and I can’t recommend her training's and templates highly enough!

Why I love her community: I’ve only been a member for two months, but the templates alone make it work the investment. She has poured her heart and soul into this membership and the amount of materials available for entrepreneurs wanting to grow their list through offering amazing opt ins is also worth joining over.

Why you should join: If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to create amazing opt in offers or digital products, or wants to revamp the ones you currently have, you need to join Opt In to Profit - you’ll get everything you need to do this and more.

Haley Burkhead’s Profit Planner Lounge is a membership community for online entrepreneurs that guides you through cutting your work day in half and hitting 5-figure months consistently. Inside the lounge there are amazing trainings on Asana, workflows {for blogs, youtube, etc}, using Instagram stories, etc.

Why I love her community: I love, love, love the amazing people in Haley’s community. Mostly women entrepreneurs who are committed to success and making things happen in an actionable and profitable way. I also love how super real Haley keeps it by sharing behind-the-scenes looks into her own entrepreneurial journey.

Why you should join: If you need systems in your business to help it run more efficiently and want to create a quarterly profit plan, you should join. Profit Planner will not only help you get clear on what your goals are for each quarter and for the year, but will help you stay accountable to actually doing the work necessary!

I’m not shy about my love for MemberVault, the online content platform for entrepreneurs that I use with clients are for offering my own resources for VAs. In addition to just loving the platform itself, I also really love their Facebook community!

Why I love this community: Even if you don’t plan to use the MemberVault platform yet, this is still one of my favorite online communities. The amount of engagement and interaction from people in the group is unlike any other group I am in and people inside the group are genuinely interested in helping others when posting questions and asking for feedback on various business things. Plus when they are sharing their MV accounts for feedback, you can discover soooo many great resources for your own business.

Why you should join: For networking. Like I mention above, the people in this group are amazing. Mike and Erin, who created MV, are highly engaged in the group and are a wealth of knowledge about so many business things and it’s just a really fun space to spend time in!


I hope that you’ll check out these communities that I’ve shared above…

*** And full disclosure, I have included affiliate links above so if you join any of these communities, I will receive a small commission. But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t use and love, and I am a proud member of all of the above. ***

In closing, I’d love to know… What communities are you a part of? Chime in here on facebook!

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